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What our patients have to say

Testimonials are reviews and ratings from our patients! 

Tammi North Bakersfield Dental patient



Everyone is very friendly. Came in to have my permanent crown put on & once we were done dentist asked if I had any concerns & she took care of a tooth I did have concerns on that day. Awesome to not have to return another day & having issue taken care of immediately. Very pleased with this office!!!

Melissa North Bakersfield Dental patient


The staff made my visit very comforting. I highly recommend anyone with dental problems to go to North Bakersfield Dental.

Lora North Bakersfield Dental patient 


I HATE THE DENTIST! Buuut, I LOVED it here, and I even got a tooth yanked outta my face! I called, got an appointment within an hour, came in, took a seat and filled out my information and within 10 minutes I was in the dentist chair. The girl who did my xrays (upset I cant remeber her name) was so fun and pleasant, it took us forever because we kept laughing and talking about random stuff, which thankfully was helping ease my anxiety. Once those were finished, the Dr came in and got right to work, he started the numbing agents and then began to explain various issues I had, took a few minutes and as soon as he was done talking he got right to work. He was very attentive, insuring I was comfortable, and feeling no pain, he even stopped to administer more when we got to a issue closer to the gums... for having two teeth pulled, this was a very pleasant experience! I adore this office and its staff, change nothing!

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